Julie is swimming the channel!

5th March 2016, In memory of Tony Griffiths (Sales Manager, Hollister) and to celebrate The Breakaway Foundation's 10 year anniversary, Julie is swimming the channel - well the equivalent of!


 TonyTony died suddenly in February and a family man himself, was a firm supporter of the work undertaken by Breakaway. At Tony's funeral, his family asked for donations to Breakaway in lieu of flowers; a gesture beyond words and we were honoured to receive them in Tony's memory.

On 7th May 2016, Breakaway celebrates 10 years. Since Julie set up Breakaway and from humble beginnings at the first Breakaway weekend in 2006 where 30 or so families nervously attended to see how their child would manage, the charity has grown from strength to strength. Breakaway now supports hundreds of families, each having experienced those same feelings of isolation, loneliness and concern for the future.

 Ask yourself...

  • How do you manage a child who refuses to change his/her bag or complete their washout?
  • How does your child cope at school when his or her bag needs changing and the school is struggling to support you?
  • Who can you turn to who will understand when other friends or family members don't quite understand why your so concerned that your child cannot eat certain foods or doesn't have a regular bowel habit.

The Breakaway Foundation regularly helps families with these and many more difficulties; families that would love their child to meet other children in a similar position so they can play, talk, climb, run, slide and swim without worrying about their bowel or bladder disability or fear of being stared at or made fun of.
We need your support please. Julie is swimming 1642 lengths or 41,055 metres or the equivalent of a marathon (approx 26 miles) so Breakaway can continue to offer these services free of charge to those in need.

Julie is being supported in her swim by her friend Salina and although they started on 2nd March, they are just outside the equivalent of Dover harbour! By 7th May they need to have reached 'France' and need some encouragement to get their please. Thankfully they don't need to brave the cold of the English Channel, so no pictures of them coated in Lard but the effort is still the same, never the less. Please click the link below and spare whatever you can to see them on their way to their target of £500.

Sponsor Julie and Salina