Breakaway announces a new trustree

We are delighted to have a new trustee on board, to drive the charity forward and to help us reach out to many more families and children whom are feeling isolated and alone; to help us to fulfil our aim that no child should face their journey alone.

This young man was 15 when we met him at his first Breakaway residential activity weekend at YHA National Forest in 2008. He knows the feeling of isolation. This young man went on to overcome some testing times medically, learnt to accept his stoma, gained his GCSES, A levels, and a fantastic degree.  Now 22, his passion and drive for Breakaway, and desire to bring families together is commendable.

Welcome to Breakaway Joshi! You are going to be a fab addition to the team!

Joshi tells us ….

As one of the first group of kids to have benefited from what breakaway has to offer, I am honoured to be in the position to help breakaway grow in the coming years and to reach out to both kids and families who have gone through a similar situation as I found myself many years ago.