Max's Mum says...

Max has Hirschsprung’s disease and bladder incontinence which impacts on all of our lives on a daily basis and we are all on his journey together as a family; we have very little support locally.

Aside from the medical professionals and a specialist stoma nurse in Birmingham we all needed another form of support. I wanted to talk to other mums about poo and wee, not a medical professional. Neil wanted to speak to other dads over a pint about the same thing. Georgie needed to spend time with siblings and children with bowel conditions to understand how they deal with their brother or sisters conditions. She can be very resentful of the time Max spends with us whilst giving him his daily cares & Max just needs to be allowed to be himself with other children similar to himself.

I spoke to his nurse who suggested Breakaway. I was quite anxious as to how the other parents would be and would the children be very shy. In fact the atmosphere was amazing and everyone was so welcoming; all of the parents were so open and friendly and we discussed the same things such as guilt, fears, relief, anxiety etc, It was whilst I was at Breakaway I decided I would stop giving myself such a hard time about all of the surgeries we had put Max through, there were children there with far worse conditions than Max and they were still smiling.

As a family we will carry on facing new challenges as Max gets older but knowing all of the mums, after meeting them at Breakaway, I’m now friends with them through social media which offers me support and a virtual hug when I need one.