Breakaway Helpline

Feeling lonely? Isolated? Like nobody understands?

As a parent of a child with bowel/bladder dysfunction, life can sometimes make you feel as though you've nowhere to turn or that there is little support available to you. Until now you may only have had the opportunity to speak with your stoma/urology nurse or perhaps each other because nobody else really understands what you are going through - as a parent or a family.

Did you know that we can help? The Breakaway Foundation was founded on the very same feeling of isolation, by a mum probably in a similar position to you - great medical support, but nobody else really understood what the family were going through or how her daughter would develop with her bowel & bladder condition.

Breakaway runs a telephone helpline, dedicated to supporting parents and their family, where there is a young person (0-18) with bowel/bladder dysfunction or a diversion. We use trained volunteers, who are all parents themselves of children in a similar position, who can listen and provide support to you when you need it most.

Why not contact us on 01283 240253 today and chat with one of our trained volunteers... don't feel alone any longer.

The Breakaway Foundation is unable to offer medical advice.