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Mum says...

I discovered Breakaway while chatting on a forum for parents of children like mine. I then got in touch with Julie and haven’t looked back! Breakaway has opened so many doors for us as a family.

At the time (summer 2010) we had 3 children aged 9 months, 3 and 5 (there has since been an addition to the Breakaway family!). The younger two were both born with imperforate anus. The baby had a colostomy and our 3 year old was waiting to have the ACE procedure. We had also not long had the confirmed genetics diagnosis of Currarino Syndrome, which had come down my husband’s side of the family.

So after multiple surgeries with both children and more ahead of us, Breakaway was a way to meet others face to face and share our experiences and learn and find comfort and support from others in the same boat, so to speak.
Breakaway has in fact done so much more for us than we could have hoped. The children are growing up knowing that although they may be different to their peers, they are not alone and there is always someone we can turn to for things we are unsure about.

They have made friends and stay in touch between Breakaway events and although still young, this will I am sure be a huge help in the future as they become more aware of their condition and the difficulties that they conquer every day.

As parents, Breakaway means we are now, never more than a text, call, private message or social media status away from help, comfort and support when the going gets tough or we just want to share a milestone!

The kids love the freedom that Breakaway gives them from everyday problems, a day out with school is far different from a day out with Breakaway. Which in turn makes it a different day for me too, not having to worry about what might happen, how many times we visit the toilets, etc.

Everybody understands and everybody helps and supports each other. It is always a sad day when a Breakaway event comes to a close, but we always make new friends and know that we are all only a few clicks away, while waiting until the next one!

More importantly we know that we are no longer alone!