Ethan's Auntie Debbie says...

The charity Breakaway means a great deal to my nephew and his extended family. Ethan has had numerous operations and some bad times with his bowel; and this has affected the whole family.

Seeing him so ill and in pain at such a young age was distressing for everyone especially his mum Nicki. But since finding Breakaway and receiving their help and taking part in their holiday weekends things are a whole lot better.

Ethan is more confident and doesn’t feel like the only kid with these problems. He takes parts in activities such as high rope walking with his brother and mum, laughing and shouting without having to worry about his bag leaking or smelling. As a family they have been canoeing, bridge building, rock climbing, held snakes and other creatures.

They’ve made crafts and new friends; new friends who have helped at all stages of Ethan’s care.

The main benefit are the helpers who are there to help with any problems offering advice and help at anytime. Sharing information on different products that are available and how to use them has helped find the best products for Ethan.

Having someone to talk to when things seem to be going down hill or someone to offer a helpful word of advice or support has helped my sister to get through the bad times.
The connections the charity has with the professionals means that there is always someone to answer the questions.